Slither Publisher January 13, 2020
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How to play: Use the left mouse to fire, press E/F to interact with items, use Q to toggle the building mode, spacebar to jump, Shift to sprint, R to reload weapons, M to view the map, number keys 1-6 to change guns. Click the mouse to interact with your inventory.


In a tough battle royale io game called unblocked, you have to kill all other players on the same map before you get eliminated by any enemies. This free game opens up another challenging battle for players to play and sharpen their skills. You will face up to multiple rivals around the world. When you step into the arena, you must open chests, loot enemies, create a base, farm materials and go kill enemies. There are many things to do to get the Victory Royale. But, the most important thing is how you survive the challenges. When you find some items from opening the chest around the map, you need to use them smartly to dish out damage to other players around you while defending yourself from their attacks. Then, you will start creating walls to keep yourself safe. Besides enemies, you must also be careful with the zone that keeps shrinking the size of the play area. You have to avoid it because it will deal damage to you. Think you can get through all of these challenges and remain alive until you are the last person standing on the ground? Much fun with game!

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