Slither Publisher September 15, 2018
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How to play: Direct your cannon using the keys WASD. Aim your cannon or direct the boat using the mouse.

About is an ocean team-based web browser game with Tower Defense element. In the game, you join a team and you must help your teammates defeat the rivals for a chance of controlling the entire ocean. Navigate your ship carefully around the ocean to aim then shoot down all opponents in sight while protecting yourself from being shot by them back. You may get confused a bit when trying to steer the ship, but you can try to practice it during the course of the battle. Just make sure you work with the allies all the time to overcome the challenges more easily. Besides the rivals, you need to watch out for some AI’s roaming the sea. They are normally in large pirate ships and if your team doesn’t wipe them out first, they will attack you and cause you to meet your end. The goal here is to build your highest dominance on the sea.

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