Slither Publisher April 20, 2018
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How to play: Use the left mouse button to boost. Charge and fire laser using spacebar.


You take on a role of a hostile shark swimming around the ocean in! There will be lots of enemy sharks that you will confront with in this awesome 2D Shooter Strategy game. Your shark is armed with lasers which can be shot out to kill the rivals. You need to get rid of as many enemies as possible while keeping yourself alive from their attacks. There are plenty of orbs scattered over the floor. Feel free to pick them up to earn more points. After collecting a good number of points, you can level up your shark and even evolve into a stronger one. You are able to make a speed boost during laser charge. This will help you dodge the enemy lasers in time, which saves your life. The game goal here is to become the most powerful shark on the whole server. Enjoy the game now! Good luck!

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