Slither Publisher May 11, 2018
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How to play: Use the left mouse button to cast spell and interact with lots of objects. Press arrow keys or WASD for moving, use spacebar to clear a current spell.


Set your footstep into a dynamic world dominated by a lot of mages with powerful magic. In this amazing RPG Upgrade game, you will battle against lots of enemy mages and try your hardest to become proficient in the arcane arts. There are plenty of exclusive spells you can use, such as Dark, Earth, Psychic and more. The Dark can be used for calling a wave of minions, protect yourself using Earth, or you can trick your rivals using Psychic. You can trade some spell scrolls with your players so as to get new spells. Don’t forget to claim a realm, then, construct a strong shelter by working with some friendly players. There are some elements that you can combine to create strong spells. An important thing you have to keep in mind, which is always protecting yourself while trying to crush your enemies. Do you think you can become the best mage in the whole arena? Play it now!

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