Slither Publisher June 6, 2018
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How to play: Use the left mouse or spacebar to fire your enemies. Click RMB for running, use the mouse wheel scroll or key Q for changing the weapon, and use key W for running.


Play an awesome battle royale style game called! You are going to confront with new opponents in the same arena and to wipe them out using your abilities. Being unarmed, you have to collect a lot of weapons, ammo, items and more equipment dispersed around on the map. Gather them as much as possible then gear up yourself so you will be able to take out enemies standing in your way. Feel free to cycle through the weapons, pick right ones that suit your playing style. You can also gain more bonuses like health regeneration, quicker speed, or something like that if you earn a lot of kills. Be careful with the arena! It steadily gets smaller to push the players closer together. It’s so dangerous if you are close to it, so you’d better keep yourself away from this threat and try to survive until you reach the top!

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