Slither Publisher October 23, 2017
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How to play: Move and jump around the map by using keys WASD. Press key E to throw your grenade, key C to lie down, shoot at enemies with the mouse, and switch your weapon with the mouse wheel scroll.


Start to shoot at enemies like crazy and use your skills to conquer all challenges in! This is a unique 2D shooter IO game where rooms are made of platforms. You need to control your own shooter, let him jump from this platform to another one while attempting to take out all enemies. Be sure to collect the power-ups, like shield, weapon, ghost, ammo box or even grenade, then make a good use of them to destroy your rivals faster. The shield can help you become immune to the bullets for a bit, the ghost will make you invisible, the ammo box gives you more random weapon ammunition, and the grenade allows you to explode the enemies. Holding these power-ups in your hand, you will have a higher chance to survive. Try to work your way up the leaderboard to gain your dominance! Have a blast with it! Good luck to you!

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