Slither Publisher October 13, 2018
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How to play: Control your character using the mouse. Click left mouse to fire, use the right mouse for a melee attack. Change the items using keys 1-5.

About Nightwalkers


Play a challenging web browser zombie survival game called Nightwalkers! In the game, you will face off against an evil wave of zombies and surviving their attacks is your main objective here. They will make their way through the streets at night, so you need to hurry to get some tactics and skills ready to cope with them. You can use your fists to knock out all the zombies as you try to pick up some weapons that are scattered around on the ground. Once collecting the, you can totally kill the zombies more quickly. Make sure to stay watchful for other opponents as they can attack you. But some of them will be friendly, you can work with them to kill the zombies more easily. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself alive from all the dangers around you. Prolong your life, play tactically for a chance of becoming the excellent survivor!

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