Slither Publisher August 31, 2017
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How to play: Move your character around using the mouse. Boost with the left mouse button. Press spacebar to brake. Use key C to change to a full screen camera, and use key X to focus on the camera on the player.

About is a Sports Team-based IO game that gives you a good chance to confront with so many tough enemies from around the globe. Basically, the game follows the similar style to classic football games, but this time, you need to utilize your nitro boost to come across with the opponents and the ball. Your main objective here is to shoot the ball into the enemy goal to defeat your rivals. You should hurry at first, just wait a bit, take a guess of the movements of your enemies and the ball. Then after that, you need to quickly utilize boost prior to kicking the ball. It will be better for you if you make some excellent teamwork with your allies. Your opponent team is very cunning and powerful. If you have no team spirits, you may lose the game easily. Always leave your goal well protected and do not let the rivals kick the ball in. Good luck!

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