Slither Publisher October 17, 2018
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How to play: Steer your vehicles using the left/right arrow keys.


Is your racing skill good? Join game now to prove it to the world and use it to race against numerous online opponents for a chance of becoming a top racing champion. You direct a vehicle skillfully around the circuit in order to overcome all the checkpoints. There are many power-ups you can pick up to increase your speed, which allows you to leave other enemies behind easily. Do not touch the sides of the track, or else your race will come to a failure. Also, make sure you won’t crash into your opponents, if you do, you will meet your end as well. Try to perform your actions, tricks, and strategies well for earning a lot of money. Then, feel free to spend it on new shaped vehicles. The difficulty level will be much more increased when you make progress. Have your skills and brilliant reactions ready to overcome all the challenges. Good luck!

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