Slither Publisher August 31, 2018
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How to play: Use the left mouse to direct your ship, and click left mouse for action.

About Oreshk.io


Oreshk.io is set in space where you have to fight against so many enemies at the same time using the modes attached to your spaceship, such as sword mode to attack, shield mode for protecting and hand mode for gathering crystals. These modes function in their own way, and you need to use them wisely during the course of the game. You must gather as many crystals as possible then spend them on upgrading your ship. Kill all enemies standing in your way as you attempt to elude their shots. You should kill the green enemy ships as well as the yellow ones using some effort, but for the red ones, you must stay away from at all costs, or else you will be destroyed easily. The objective here is to dominate the whole galaxy! To achieve it, you must turn your ship into the strongest one! Are you ready? Good luck!

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