Slither Publisher April 27, 2018
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How to play: Move your ship and shoot at enemies using the mouse. Make a speed boost with spacebar, use keys 1-4 to upgrade your ship.

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About PirateBattle.io


As an action-packed Upgrades game, PirateBattle.io takes you on a brutal combat between pirate ships. You are a captain of a ship trying to kill lots of other pirates and gather as many coins as possible for various upgrades. Aim then shoot down ships so you can pick up further coins dropped by them. Also, you will get healed by the coins when you gather them. For a small ship, it only takes you around 4 hits to sink it, but if you confront with a larger ship, you have to perform 10 hits as well as use a lot of armor for a success. There are 4 types of upgrades, including health, speed, armor, and damage. Make sure you continue upgrading them until they get to level 8. You will become much more powerful after going through some of the upgrades. Let’s fight until you become the best player in the whole arena!

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