Slither Publisher August 22, 2017
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How to play: Use arrow keys to control your character around the playfield.

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Io Games


Are you ready to build up your own vast territory? Jump into game and play it now to perform your skills and try to gain the dominance! This is an amazing IO game inspired by! It only has simple graphics and features, but the game is truly addictive. You will move around the arena with your tail in order to capture more areas then connect them back to your main realm for the expansion. This adventure is kind of interesting and exciting, however, you still have to be careful of the surroundings while moving around to take over the areas. Your opponents may take any chances to hit your tail, and when they do, it will be a game over for you instantly. Hence, you must defend your tail all the time, use your tactics to deal with them, wipe them out by crashing into their tails and attempt to survive longer. You shouldn’t go further than your home base because you won’t be able to return to your realm fast, which helps others kill you easily. Just be patient when expanding the base, play with good strategies and rule the arena!

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