Slither Publisher October 30, 2018
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How to play: Use the right mouse for rotating the camera, click left mouse for moving or interacting, use key E to open the inventory and use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom.

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Io Games


Get ready to compete against the monsters and enemies across the land in – an addictive yet tough adventure MMORPG! In the game, you will embark on a journey as just a normal person, but throughout the course of the game, after making progress, you will grow stronger with every monster you destroy. It’s great to focus on defeating the monsters and enemies, but it’s also crucial to gather some gold with precious items scattered on the ground. You can use them to trade for more power-ups later on. Make sure you protect yourself from the dangers around, or else you will end up getting destroyed by the monsters. Mercy isn’t allowed in this IO game, so try to kill everything standing in your way and turn yourself into the strongest being in the land for a chance of winning. Can you rise to the top rank on the leaderboard? Give it a try now!

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