Slither Publisher May 9, 2018
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How to play: The mouse is used for moving around the map, and click left mouse button to fire enemies.

About opens a fantastic space battle for all players to come and enjoy. This is going to be a brutal fight when you have to face off against numerous skilled enemies. You spawn in space with your spaceship, and your job is to navigate it carefully to aim then shoot down all enemy ships directed by real human players. There is only one goal here, which is turning yourself into the number one on the leaderboard, but winning this goal is not an easy thing. You will undergo so many challenges, especially the confrontations with tough opponents. Therefore, preparing your abilities in readiness is always important. You will be able to deal with all sudden dangers. Another important thing is that you need to keep your ship alive until you make it to the top. Getting shot will end your adventure instantly, which forces you to start it again from scratch. Let’s get ready and fly into space with your ship now!

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