Slither Publisher July 29, 2017
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How to play: Control your car and steer it carefully using keys A/D. Tap spacebar for boosting, speed up with key W, and reverse with key S.

About puts you in the shoes of a car driver who has to grab the ball and shoot it into the goal for gaining more points. Be sure to check out this Sports-themed IO game to perform your excellent abilities. The game will test your two skills, driving and kicking, so make sure you show them off! You are recommended to work with your teammates so that you guys can take out tougher opponents. Feel free to pass the ball to your allies, they will support you to get the ball into the goal more efficiently. When you speed up prior to kicking, you will have extra kicks. This is an interesting point of the game, so try to use it to your advantage. Do not let your opponents steal the ball from you! Just like other classic Soccer games, your main objective is to score as many goals as possible to win the match and become the champion!

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