Slither Publisher July 9, 2018
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How to play: Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Shoot at enemies with the left mouse. Get into the wall build mode using the right mouse, and build the wall by clicking again. You can sprint or drift using key Shift. Press spacebar to collect items or hop in a car.

About is a super engaging 2D Shooter game set in a wonderful pixelated city. You will enter this city to hunt for the enemies, and try to shoot them down before you get annihilated. Make your way through this vast city, use your simple pistol to deal damage to the rivals while keeping yourself alive. There are plenty of weapons hidden around the city, or you can find them in many crates. Try to collect them all, then use them to kill tougher opponents. When you catch sight of a vehicle, you should hop into it to drive around the city instead of walking. You can make good use of the vehicle to crash into the enemies and destroy them. The main objective of this IO game is to become the best shooter in this city. To achieve it, you must stay alive as long as possible. Enjoy the game now!

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