Slither Publisher January 13, 2020
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How to play: Move around the arena using WASD. Aim and shoot enemies using the mouse. Press QEF to use upgrades (active)


With unblocked, you can freely express your shooting ability through challenges. is a 2D shooter game where you can play solo or with other friends around the world. There are three various game modes, 10 classes, and 11 perks for all of you to enjoy. Try it out yourself now then see if you can vanquish all enemies. You must pick a class to dictate your loadout, make your way through the arena aiming and shooting down all opponents around you. Pay attention to crates dispersed throughout the map. You can smash them to get upgrades for yourself, namely faster speed, health regen, vision, shield, grenade, etc. With these upgrades, you will find yourself stronger than ever. Keep shooting and remaining alive until you can reach the top place on the leaderboard. online promises to be one of the best shooter io games you have ever played. Play it now!

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