Slither Publisher January 22, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse to control your plane, press spacebar or use the left mouse button to fire the enemies.


Let’s fly around in a broad sky with your plane to battle against numerous enemies from across the world in game! Lots of challenges are waiting for you to conquer. You have to guide your plane carefully and attempt to shoot down other enemy pilots before they get a chance to shoot you back. The most important tactic you should follow is to stay behind their planes during the combat. If they get behind you, they will surely launch their projectiles, and you won’t be able to dodge them. But if you fly behind them, you can totally fire them easily without taking any damage. In addition, you have to prepare your own strategies in advance, then, develop them to cope with tougher rivals. Your main objective here is to become the best pilot of all! Climb the top of the leaderboard to dominate the whole sky. Let’s try it now!

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