Slither Publisher November 10, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse to move the slime around the map.


Do you like to use slimes to play with a lot of friends? Join now and meet a lot of people coming from around the world. This is an awesome web browser multiplayer game that is free for all. When the battle begins, you start covering an area with your own slime, by doing this, you will earn upgrades that help you cover more area at a fast speed and easily. Throughout the course of the battle, you will grow your size, then you can go defeat smaller players or cover even more area. Your enemies are carrying out the same task, so they won’t be hesitant to attack you. Be sure to always protect yourself, play with good tactics to outwit your rivals and try to cover the most amount of white area possible with your slime to become the ultimate winner. Are you ready for the fight? Give it a go!

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