Slither Publisher
July 13, 2017
7933 plays
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How to play: Take control of your snake around the map using the mouse. You can accelerate it by clicking the left mouse button.

About play

Play game to become the longest and the best snake of all! This is a smash-hit browser-based Strategy game in which you will encounter many enemy snakes directed by real human players throughout the globe. You spawn in the map as just a small snake, and you aim to become the largest one by collecting a lot of generated food orbs spreading over the ground or eating up the remains of the dead snakes to increase your size much faster. Once you have earned a good size, you can start trapping your opponents by encircling them, which forces them to run into your body or try blocking their heads to make them crash into you instantly. Remember that you need to protect your head while you’re trying to kill the enemies. You can speed up your snake, but this will decrease your length a bit, so use this feature wisely. Will you be the king of the whole map? Try it now!

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