Slither Publisher January 24, 2018
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How to play: Use left/right arrow keys to move your snake, press spacebar to speed up.

About Snakes3d


Let’s make your way through a vast 3D map with your snake to conquer all challenges in game! The game is considered as a new clone of You will have to direct your snake carefully and slither through the wild to collect more orbs as well as destroy other snakes for your big mass. Different from the arena in, in this game, there are so many obstacles that get in your way, like big rocks. You must dodge them all so you can continue your adventure, if you accidentally crash into one of them, it will be a doom for your snake instantly. In addition, running into the body of other snakes will end your life too. Be sure to stay watchful for the surroundings, protect the head of your snake all the time, keep increasing your length until you become number one on the leaderboard! Have fun!

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