Slither Publisher August 30, 2018
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How to play: Move your snake using arrow keys or WASD. Press spacebar or use the left mouse for using sonic boom.


Are you ready to conquer a fun yet challenging world of snakes in a classic Slither Style game called The game is free to play in your browser. You will direct a colored snake around a huge map eating so much white food dispersed on the ground in order to increase your length. The more food you eat, the longer you will become. Once you have earned a great size, you can start defeating your rival snakes using your lightning fast reflects as well as your advanced strategies. You must get rid of as many enemies as possible and make sure you protect yourself all the time since the rivals can ambush you when they have a chance for that. If you get destroyed, you will meet your end immediately. But if you survive longer, you will have a high chance to dominate the leaderboard and become the ace of the arena.

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