Slither Publisher January 29, 2018
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How to play: Use the mouse and spacebar to thrust, fire with key W, and use number keys to activate your power-ups.

About Spheroids.xyz


Spheroids.xyz is an awesome zero-gravity Space-themed IO game that surely brings you a fantastic experience. Join the game now and start flying your sphere around in space to conquer all challenges. There are numerous impediments getting in your pathway, your mission is to overcome all of them. You can demolish lots of the moons to get more power. Harvest more orange dots, then utilize them wisely to activate some special power-ups that help you surpass all the dangers more easily. Since the game doesn’t have any gravity, you will surely find it very hard to control the sphere. Try to use the thrust wisely to slow down, steer it wisely so that you won’t make any crash. Crashing is a dangerous thing because it will make you meet your doom instantly. So you shouldn’t crash into any moons or any obstacles. Prolong your life until you get to the top spot on the leaderboard.

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