Slither Publisher October 28, 2017
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How to play: Move the units around the playfield by using keys WASD. Some troops have alternate guns and click right mouse to fire them. But some units have primary weapons and click left mouse to shoot. Use number keys to utilize the skills of units. Use the mouse wheel to zoom.


Enjoy an amazing team-based game called with so many challenges to undergo. In this 2D Shooter game, you will join a team called Javelin or Manta, then start to battle against opponents. Every single team will begin a limited number of supplies. You need to work with your allies to defeat the rival team. After killing them, there will be a new enemy troop spawning and taking that place, then the supply ticker of the rival team will decrease. When it lowers down to 0, the base defenses will get blown up, and the Command Center becomes defenseless. Your team must try to get rid of that command center while protecting yours. Don’t forget to watch the health of your command center, and that bars are displayed on the top center of the screen. Be sure to level up, upgrade your skills, gain a lot of kills so you can unlock further troops that are much stronger. Have fun with this IO game!


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