Slither Publisher April 24, 2018
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How to play: Move around the map using WASD. Aim and shoot at enemies using the mouse.


If you do love playing 2D Shooter browser-based game, then make sure you check out with awesome challenges to conquer. It’s really amusing to play and will take you through a brutal combat. You take control of your character, then make your way through a vast battleground with a big ambition which is becoming the best shooter of all on the whole server. To obtain this goal, you are forced to get rid of all enemies getting in your way, but make sure you always keep yourself alive from other attacks. You have to stay alive for as long as possible. There are some walls you can hide behind. Use them to dodge the dangerous bullets. Also, another thing is that you shouldn’t stay close to barrels when the bullets are flying around, or else you will get shot easily. Are you up for the challenges? Let’s give it a go now!

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