Slither Publisher June 22, 2018
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How to play: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Direct your ball by moving the mouse.

About is a popular strategy game inspired by The game lets you direct a large ball rotating around an axis and square in order to defeat all enemies that are obstructing you to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard, which is your main goal in this IO game too. Your ball size can be grown throughout the course of the game by gathering a lot of gems that are dispersed on the floor. For every gem you pick, the ball will get bigger. Once you have the bigger ball, you will be able to dish out more damage to the rivals. Stay watchful for the surroundings, especially when there are so many enemies around you. They won’t be hesitant to take you put using their strong wrecking ball. If you get hit, it will be a game over for you. Let’s enter the arena now to show off your skills!

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