Slither Publisher August 28, 2018
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How to play: Move your character using WASD. Toggle the mouse using key L, jump with spacebar, change weapons with the right mouse, attack enemies with the left mouse and open the shop menu with key E.

About Warscrap.io


Warscrap.io is a third-person shooting and tower defense game in your browser. Your main mission in this IO game is to fend off the wicked machine race that is invading Earth and killing all human kind. You must work with other players as an aggressive warscraper trying to protect the core reactors with your base from the incoming enemies. You must make sure that all the machines are safe, if not, it will be hard for you to win. Every time an enemy is attacking one of your machines, a warning will be directly sent to you. Try to keep an eye on the surroundings all the time, earn more cores – a in-game currency then use them to unlock extra gear with further weapons that help you beat the enemies more easily. Survive as long as possible then climb your way up the top rank on the leaderboard! Play it now!

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