Slither Publisher June 12, 2018
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How to play: Use the left mouse or press spacebar for throwing an ax. You can dash by using key W or click the right mouse.

About Zlax.io


Fight against lots of opponents from across the world in Zlax.io – a great Strategy Upgrades IO game online! You can pick a skin, set a nickname for your character, pick a color then enter the arena. You see that there are plenty of axes dispersed around the map. You must go collect all of them then throw them at your rivals to take them out instantly. The number of axes you can carry will depend on the number of gems you gathered as well as the number of kills you have earned. Try to destroy a lot of enemies so you can carry more axes. There is a rage bar which should be filled. Once it’s full, you can release your axes at the rivals without ceasing, also you can totally be immune to the damage for a short time. The main goal is to become the strongest player on the leaderboard.

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