Rich City

Slither Publisher July 27, 2019
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How to play: Move with WASD, use the mouse cursor to spin, press key B to open the humans shop, the left mouse to interact with items, key G to drop items and key E to collect items.

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About Rich City

Rich City

Rich City unblocked is an online game focusing on a zombie disaster in which humans have to try their best to defeat all zombies while zombies ought to slay humans. Rich City free game is very the same as in terms of gameplay. You will start as either a human or a zombie when spawning in the map. If you are a human, go purchase items and search for many hiding places to prepare a fight against the zombies. The apocalypse will start after 10 seconds. The zombies will roam the map spreading the contamination across over the arena to destroy all humans. At the same time, humans must use their purchased weapons to defeat all zombies and survive this contamination. Winning Rich City game is not an easy thing, therefore, you must work as a team to overcome all challenges to become the ultimate winning team. Wish you luck!

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