Slither Publisher March 9, 2019
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How to play: Use the left mouse, hold it down to navigate your character. Press keys A/D or left/right arrow keys for the movement. Use the special button for utilizing the special power. 

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About UnUn.io


UnUn.io is a fantastic Space-themed racing game where you can comfortably perform a lot of wonderful actions, like bouncing, dropping, smashing, dashing and squeezing your opponents. The game takes inspiration from Helix Jump, guaranteeing to give you a huge amount of fun once joining. Your in-game mission is to get down on as many floors of the towers as possible in the least amount of time possible. Other players are racing against you, making this competition much tougher to conquer. Aside from competing against your contenders, you must also elude the deadly spikes standing in your pike, or else you will be eliminated. Feel free to present all the skills mentioned above during the course of the game so you can outplay your opponents and knock them off easily. Can you reach the end first as well as come out as the ultimate victor? Play the game now to find the answer! Good luck to you!

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