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How to play: Use WASD or the mouse to move, Left mouse to attack, C or Right mouse to deploy power, Space to split, B to build, U to choose units, Y to upgrade them, F to open the formation menu Press C to switch formation, Enter to chat, Esc to pause, M to view the mini-map

About Lordz2.io


Lordz2.io is a free online multiplayer strategy .iO game which is regularly updated. It is presented with several popular servers. Just pick out the nearest room and you are able to embark on the new job in an instant. It is about a match taking place on a distant island surrounded by mysterious sea monsters. On that playfield, you have to find out every way to defend yourself and survive.

Start Lordz2.io unblocked with a hero and multiple minions. You should roam around the map to collect coins. Aside from that, you are highly recommended to click the button at the corner of the screen to build a small castle. Select the best spot to set down it. Next, head into the Units Menu to recruit soldiers. While putting up a Stable in Lordz2.io will help you obtain Cavalery groups, Academy is good at creating Mages. Do not forget Monster Den because it will offer Dragons! To upgrade your forces, you can construct a Forge. If you want to protect your base, add walls or towers and remember to improve their quality. Do not skip the Formation system to locate your people inside the troop!

In case you have already conquered rivals by destroying their buildings, you will gather Gold and victory points. The score is effective to unlock other territories in the Conquest Mode. Play and own the biggest army now!

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