What are the benefits of 17α-methyltestosterone and Stanozolol powder — AASraw manufacturers

AASraw is one of the most famous Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids manufacturers. AASraw is a main manufacturer of the pure steroids. With cutting edge creation offices and thorough quality control, they guarantee the virtue and viability of …

What are the benefits of 17α-methyltestosterone and Stanozolol powder — AASraw manufacturers

AASraw is one of the most famous Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids manufacturers. AASraw is a main manufacturer of the pure steroids. With cutting edge creation offices and thorough quality control, they guarantee the virtue and viability of their items, serving different businesses including drugs, examination of quality, and biotechnology. AASraw manufacturers have high quality of their products as they provide  customized solutions with a dedicated customer support. They ensure clients’ satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Here, we will discuss two engineered powdered chemicals produced by them.

17α-Methyltestosterone is an engineered anabolic steroid obtained from testosterone. It is used in clinical therapies for conditions like testosterone lack, deferred adolescence in guys, and bosom malignant growth in ladies. It helps in muscle development, strength, and increases agility.

On the other hand, Stanozolol which is also known as Winstrol, is another engineered anabolic steroid. It treats genetic angioedema and has applications in working out for its muscle-building and agility-improving properties. Dissimilar to other steroids, Stanozolol isn’t aromatized to estrogen so it doesn’t cause any harmful side effects.

Both of these substances are managed in numerous nations. They are many times delivered in powder structure for use in making injectable or oral details. Read the following article About AAS in detail.

What is 17α-methyltestosterone (MT) and how does it work?

It is a derivative form of testosterone. Working and clinical applications of the 17 α-methyltestosterone.

Basic Characteristics:

Product Name:17-alpha-Methyltestosterone powder
Molecular Formula:C20H30O2
Molecular Weight:302.45
Melt Point:162-168 °C
Color:White crystalline powder
Storage Temp:Room Temperature

Action of 17-αMethyltestosterone:

17α-methyltestosterone or MT impersonates the effects of regular testosterone in the body. It makes bonds with androgen receptors in different tissues, including muscle, bone, and regenerative organs. This bonding invigorates protein blend and muscle development, increments bone thickness, and improves the advancement of male optional sexual qualities.  

Clinical Applications:

17α-Methyltestosterone has a few clinical applications:

Delayed Adolescence in Males:

In young men with postponed pubescence, MT can assist with animating the advancement of auxiliary sexual attributes, for example, expanded bulk, development of the voice, and development of facial and body hair.

Breast Cancer:

In ladies, MT is in some cases used to treat breast disease, especially in situations where the malignant growth is chemically responsive. It works by alienating estrogen impacts, easing back the development of tumors that are made by estrogens.


MT or 17α-methyltestosterone has been utilized to treat particular sorts of sickliness because of its capacity to animate erythropoiesis (less production of red platelets) in the bone marrow.

Male Hypogonadism:

MT is recommended to treat hypogonadism, a condition where the body doesn’t create sufficient testosterone. Side effects of hypogonadism incorporate low energy and libido, infertility, decrease in muscle mass.

Considerations while using:

While MT is successful for these ailments, it makes likely side impacts. These incorporate liver poisonousness, cardiovascular issues, masculine characteristics in ladies, skin break out, going bald, and adjustments in cholesterol levels. Because of these dangers, its utilization is regularly checked intently by medical care suppliers.

However, 17α-Methyltestosterone is a flexible medicine with critical advantages for explicit ailments, however, it requires cautious administration to keep away from unfavorable impacts.

What is Stanozolol and how does it work?

Stanozolol is a man-made steroid which is an androgen steroid. AASraw produces this in powdered form. Applications and mechanisms are described below:

Basic Characteristics:

Product Name:Stanozolol/Winstrol/Winny Powder
Molecular Formula:C21H32N2O
Molecular Weight:328.5
Melt Point:229.8-242.0 °C
Color:white powder
Storage Temp:Room Temperature

Action of Stanozolol:

Stanozolol works by restricting androgen receptors in different tissues, advancing protein amalgamation and muscle development. Not at all like numerous different steroids, it doesn’t switch over completely to estrogen, which limits water maintenance and gynecomastia. Its anabolic properties are more articulated than its androgenic impacts. 

Clinical Applications

Stanozolol has a few significant clinical applications:

Genetic Angioedema:

Stanozolol is utilized to treat genetic angioedema, a condition portrayed by episodes of serious enlarging in different pieces of the body. It may cause severe swelling in the regions such as the face, and the aviation route. It decreases the recurrence and seriousness of these episodes by expanding the development of C1 esterase inhibitors and different proteins engaged with controlling any side effects of the chemical.


Because of its capacity to animate erythropoiesis or red blood cell production, it is one of the most used steroids for the treatment of specific anemias. It enhances the production of red platelets in the bone marrow. It further develops oxygen transport in the body.

Agility Enhancement:

Stanozolol is habitually utilized by sportsmen and weight lifters to upgrade agility, and muscle strength, and work on the actual appearance of the body. Nonetheless, the utilization of these objects is restricted and banned for competitive sports in major parts of the world.

Catabolic Conditions:

Stanozolol can be recommended to patients encountering muscle squandering because of persistent ailments, medical procedures, or spasms. Its anabolic impacts assist in protecting with inclining weight and working on general strength and actual capability.

Considerations while using:

While producing better effects stanozolol can cause aftereffects, for example, liver diseases, cardiovascular issues, modifications in lipid profiles, and virilization in ladies (advancement of male qualities). Its utilization should be painstakingly checked, particularly in long-term medicines. However, it requires cautious administration to lower the side effects.

How to buy 17 alpha Methyltestosterone and Stanozolol Powder from AASraw?

To purchase 17α-Methyltestosterone powder from AASraw, follow these means:

Explore their original webpage. Utilize the pursuit bar to track down the item. Snap-on the item to see subtleties. Utilize the given contact structure, email, or live talk to ask about evaluating, accessibility, and buying process. Adhere to the directions given by the outreach group to place your product order. Complete the payment formalities and give transporting subtleties.


However, raw Stanozolol powder and 17-a-methyltestosterone are the main products of AASraw manufacturers. 17α-Methyltestosterone and Stanozolol are intense anabolic steroids with huge clinical applications, including therapy of hypogonadism, late pubescence, genetic angioedema, and breast cancer. Notwithstanding their advantages, cautious production and use are fundamental because of likely incidental side effects. You can purchase these steroids from the best manufacturers — AASraw manufacturers.

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